Interview Checklist – Recruiter’s Preparation Points

Recruiting is seems to be an easy job, that hiring a person for the job after the interview. But it is not such easy task as it seems to be. Usually small business doesn’t spend their time and investment by considering it simple and easy. In reality, it is a complete procedure that just starts from resume screening or interviewing. All of its procedures should be well-structured or organized for effective outcomes. The hiring decision will affect business productivity too. Therefore, an interview checklist should be prepared to hire best candidates.

Interview Checklist Preparation

Before conducting an interview it is important to prepare a complete checklist. This list will positively support the recruiter in interviewing and hiring a potential candidate.

  • The recruiter has all organizational information to represent their business in front of the candidate. It includes business product, services, strategy, mission and vision along with a goal.
  • Prepared complete list related to the benefits and perks offering along with the position to the
  • Able to explain complete details of the job description and job role offered by the organization.
  • List of interview question is prepared to judge candidate’s skills with a business
  • In the case of a group interview, all questions are properly discussed and divided into all group members.
  • Candidate’s resume is properly reviewed especially their work history and skills section.
  • The interview room is comfortable in sitting with a calm

Conducting a successful interview is a challenging thing for recruiter but hiring a potential candidate can be considered as a reward for efforts. Interview preparation is strongly required by both candidate and hiring manager.



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