Interview Question: Tell Me About Yourself

This is an ice breaking and toughest question of an interview. The interviewer asks this question to start their conversation with the candidate. Now, the situation is: an employer has resumed in their hand with complete bio or work experience details of the candidate. But they still are asking “tell me about yourself”. The potential employer is looking for the answer to set the attitude for rest of interview. The ball is in your court, rest of interview is completely dependent on candidate’s answer. In other words, the candidate is the only one to decide their interview success or failure through the first question.

They aren’t interested in listening to the details, already written to the resume. They are actually giving a chance to the candidate to demonstrate the points and make them believe that they’re dealing with a potential applicant for Saudi Jobs. Don’t waste this opportunity by highlighting or reading the resume but summarize the things they don’t know. This is a right time to share your career success, achievements and potential skills with the employer.

This interview question is an invitation to pitch the head hunter on why and how you’re a perfect candidate for this job. Your answer should cover following things:

  • Quick introduction of current job
  • Summary of achievements and success
  • Quick review of potential skills
  • Express the excitement for opportunity

Throughout the answer, it is essential to keep the focus on the experience as well as potential skills along with excitement for career growth. Don’t get afraid of this question and take it as an opportunity because headhunter already has your resume. They’re seeking for the confidence and want to explore the skills of the candidate. Don’t forget to include a line that clearly defines the reason behind the leaving your current job and seeking for new opportunities.



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